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Baby shower: A fun and gender neutral invite for a client.Using a play on the words 'baby shower' a simple and colourful invite was created. The theme and some key elements from the invitation were then used to create prints for her games, prediction and advice cards. All the collateral was printed on ecoStar+ 100% Recycled card (300gsm) to give it a soft look. 

2x Eco-friendly weddings: The brief was to be as environmentally friendly as possible resulting in a simple and elegant design. Enhanced by 300gsm handmade paper and using dark grey instead of black for the typography gave the overall design a rustic and soft result. The 100% eco-friendly envelopes were made from text weight printing paper; 100gsm; Bright White; 100% recycled post-consumer and FSC certified. All this paired with forest green dresses and botanical centerpieces created a pleasing harmony.

Love Fern wedding: The brief was simple and love-oriented. After capturing a picture of their love fern in the apartment and hearing the story behind it, all that was needed was to transform this into an invitation. The invitation was created with digital illustration and the character of the fern enhanced with textured paper. 

Regan & Ricky wedding: The design brief was to create a stylish and alluring, gold wedding package. 

The invitations and collateral were printed on 350gsm Maine Gloss Recycled using NexPress DryInk (Gold) to produce an elegant liveliness to the pack without adding to the cost by using foiling. The style reflected the overall theme of gold and navy, when accompanied by metallic navy blue envelopes.

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